Articles, Chapters & Work in Progress

Souvannaseng, P. (2021) ‘Sino-African Hydropower Projects in Comparative Perspective’ in Francois & Habich, Hydropower in Southwest China: Drivers & Impacts, (Palgrave IPE: London)

Souvannaseng, P. (2021) ‘Liquidated: US/Japan-Chinese Rivalry, Financial Crises and Explaining Shifts in Hydropower Finance Regimes in the Mekong, Asian Perspective 45 (4) Autumn 2021

Souvannaseng, P. (Submitted, 2021) ‘Institutional Poaching: Sub-Regional Rivalry and the Politics of Parallel Governance Building Along the Mekong’

Souvannaseng, P. (Submitted, 2021) ‘Blending or Banking Towards ‘Bankability’? Comparative Sino-OECD Export Finance Regimes, Divergent Risk Appetites and the Blurring of Trade and Development in the Global Infrastructure Market’

Souvannaseng, P. (In Progress) Post-Socialism the Mekong Way: Sino-Investment in CLMV

Souvannaseng, P. (In Progress) Infrastructure as Asset or Public Good? Financializing Hydropower in the Developing World

Souvannaseng, P. (In Progress) Disaster by Financial Design: Boondoggles, Submersed Stakeholders & the Political Economy of Dam Failure in Lao PDR [APSA 2021]

Souvannaseng, P. (In Progress) Fast Finance: Who Gives a Dam? Financial Crises and the Political Economy of Speculative Infrastructure

Book Manuscript

Souvannaseng, P. (In Progress) The Illusion of Capital: Searching for Patient Lending in an Impatient World

Other Publications

Souvannaseng, P. (2020) ‘US-Japanese Strategic Dissonance and Southeast Asian Infrastructure Finance’ Asia Pacific Bulletin No. 519

Souvannaseng, P. (2020) ‘Rohingya genocide case: why it will be hard for Myanmar to comply with ICJ’s orders’ The Conversation

Souvannaseng, P., Plummer, J. & Markannen S. (2020) ‘Mapping the evolving complexity of large hydropower project finance in low and lower-middle income countries’ Green Finance 2 (2), 151