Bentley University

Program Concentration Director, BA degree – Political Economy & Development concentration of the Liberal Studies Major
Undergraduate BA degree, Autumn 2020 – Present

Course Design & Instructor, Power, Politics & Policy-making in International Development
Undergraduate Course, Autumn 2021

Course Design & Instructor, Introduction to Comparative Government & Politics
Undergraduate Course, Fall 2020 – Present

Course Design & Instructor, The Developing World (Colonial & Post-Colonial Development History & Politics)
Undergraduate Course, Spring 2021

Course Design & Instructor, States, Business & Environment in Asia 
Undergraduate Course, Spring 2022 (TBD)

University College London, School of Public Policy

Programme Director, BSc in Politics, Philosophy, Economics (PPE) degree, 2017-2018

Course Design & Instructor, Introduction to Political Science
Undergraduate Core Course, 2017-2018

Course Design & Instructor, Undergraduate Research Dissertation Workshop
Undergraduate Course, 2017-2018

Course Design & Instructor, International Development and Public Policy
Undergraduate Course, 2016-2017

Course Design & Instructor, Political Economy of Development
Master’s-level Course, 2016-2017

Teaching Assistant, Public Policy & Economic Analysis
Master’s-level Core Course, 2017-2018

School of Oriental and Asian Studies

Course Design & Instructor, States and Society in Asia and Africa
Master’s level Course, 2017-2018

Course Design & Instructor, Theory and Evidence in Contemporary Development
Undergraduate Course, 2014-2015

University of California, Berkeley (in London)

Graduate Instructor for Introduction to Comparative Politics

London School of Economics

Graduate Instructor for
Development Management
Political Economy of Advanced Industrial Nations
Democracy and Democratization
LSE 100: Breadth Course

Teaching Interests

Comparative Politics & Comparative Political Economy
International Political Economy
Political Economy of Development
International Development & Public Policy
East/Southeast Asian Politics
Post-Colonial History & Politics / Developing & Transitional Countries
Environmental Politics & Governance
States, Business & Environment
Development Finance / Aid Politics / Infrastructure
Research Methods (Undergrad / Doctoral / Advanced) 
International Relations Theory & Politics