Bentley Talk Space on Anti-Asian Violence in America

Convened a campus Bentley Talk Space on Anti-Asian Violence in America hosted by the Bentley Global Studies Department, Bentley Asian Students Association (BASA) and guest discussant Prof. Neilesh Bose of the University of Victoria. Catch this important discussion here. #StopAsianHate

With the rise in attacks and violence against Asians and the Asian American & Pacific Islander communities in the US over the last year, including recent crimes against the elderly and women across the country, the GLS Department and Bentley Asian Students Association at Bentley is holding a forum to create space for processing and discussing recent attacks in the context of wider US history and contemporary politics. Why are attacks on the rise? Whom is being targeted, and importantly, how can we better build communities of solidarity and support to counter racism?

We will be joined by Prof. Neilesh Bose, an author and scholar of comparative history from the University of Victoria in conversation with Bentley Prof. Pon Souvannaseng, a scholar of East/Southeast Asia and a current 2021 Wilson Fellow.


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