Mekong Dam Monitor Launch

I gave commentary for the Stimson Center – US State Department launch of the Mekong Dam Monitor.  Watch the recap here

Launched on December 15, 2020, the Mekong Dam Monitor (MDM) is the region’s premier water monitoring tool. This monitor is open-source and freely available for users on the Mekong Water Data Initiative (MWDI) website – MekongWater.org. The Mekong Dam Monitor features virtual dam and reservoir gauges that use remote sensing, satellite imagery, and GIS analysis to provide weekly reports about environmental indicators in the Mekong Basin. The Stimson Center’s Southeast Asia Program and Eyes on Earth, Inc. collaborative partnership developed the MDM with funding support from the Mekong-U.S. Partnership.  This  publicly available  tool  will significantly expand  the water data available in the  region, putting information into the hands of the people who need it the most  so they can make informed  decisions affecting livelihoods  and regional  security.

For more information about the Mekong Dam Monitor, please visit www.MekongWater.org

US State Departments Press Release

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